About Cloth

Why Cloth Diapers?
  • It's better for the environment! Each child can contribute up to 6,000 disposable diapers to landfills by the time they're potty trained. If properly cared for, one set of cloth diapers can last for several children.
  • You can save some serious money! Buying disposables every week will be a thing of the past when you have your stash on hand. Fox Kit Diapers One-Size diapers fit kids from 7-35 pounds, so as long as they're well cared for, these diapers will be the only ones you need to buy. 
  • If you don't have any more kids that will be able to use your current diaper stash- have no fear, you'll still find savings! Well cared for diapers that are still in good condition do have resale value.
  • Children who wear cloth diapers are often easier to potty train. With cloth they're more likely to connect going to the bathroom with the wet feeling that comes as a result, therefore leading to a quicker association with the "I need to go to the potty" sensation.
  • Because cloth diapers aren't full of the harsh chemicals that are in disposables, diaper rashes are easier to avoid.
  • ... and they're CUTE!



Care Instructions for Fox Kit Diapers

Diapers should be "prepped" when they are first received. To do this wash the diapers and inserts in a warm or hot water cycle 1-3 times. Detergent is not required, but recommended.
For regular care:
Wash with unscented detergent that has no additives (fragrances, softeners, etc.) At Fox Kit Diapers we use Purex Free and Clear, but there is a wide market of cloth diaper friendly detergents out there. We've found that washing with hot water on heavy soil, adding a stain cycle and extra rinse keep our diapers in good repair.